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Calvin Krenbrenk Music Tuition

Covid-19 Safety Procedures

The coronavirus pandemic has created unique challenges for private music tuition. Since late August, private music tutors in Scotland have been permitted to offer face-to-face lessons pending the completion of a risk assessment. The aim of the risk assessment is to protect everyone involved from harm and in particular to eliminate or minimise risks of Covid-19 transmission.

The risk assessment was required to:

1) Identify what activity or situations might cause transmission of the virus.

2) Consider who might be at risk.

3) Decide how likely it is that someone could be exposed.

4) Act to remove the activity or situation or if that is not possible control or minimise the risk.

Based in the completion of my risk assessment I am implementing the following safety procedures:

1) All students and parents must wear a mask at all times during the lesson. Please put on your mask before entering the building and keep it on until you have left the building.

2) Hand sanitiser will be provided and must be applied at the beginning and the end of the lesson.

3) No cash payments will be accepted. Payments can only be made by bank transfer.

4) Only one person will be allowed in the teaching studio at a time. Parents are permitted to wait in the hallway but are still required to wear a mask at all times. In order to minimise contact, parents are encouraged to wait at an outside location if possible.

5) Sharing of instruments is not permitted. Students are required to bring their own instrument to the lesson. Please bring an extra set of strings to the lesson just in case you break a string.

6) Students will be responsible for tuning their own instruments. Please bring a tuner with you to the lesson.

7) In order to maintain a reasonable distance during the lesson the student and the tutor will use separate music stands.

8) Weather permitting, the window in the teaching studio will remain open to increase ventilation.

9) Surfaces contacted by students will be sanitised in between lessons. This includes the chair, music stand, foot stool, and cable used by the student.

10) If you have any symptoms of coronavirus, cold, flu or if you have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for coronavirus please cancel your lesson.

11) Please inform me if you test positive for coronavirus up to 14 days after your last lesson.